Festive gift

So Christmas is behind us, but there’s still time to show you a couple of tags I made to accompany some gifts over the holidays, right?



Isn’t that deer just the cutest little thing?

I also offered some gift vouchers and decided to decorate the enveloppes using one of those tags and a couple of others with a little Christmas sparkle :


Time to settle into the new year now and maybe get back to some birthday cards and other scrappy projects.



Smash book, the return

My smash book is such a random thing.  Flipping through the pages is sort of like a trip down memory lane : souvenirs of days out, snippets of daily life, tags and tickets from various purchases, and even a “classical” scrapbook layout, or two, or three.

This is one of the latter – a double-page layout created by accident.  In fact my son asked me to scrap a layout for him to offer his GF, and as I printed two examples of the photo I decided to recreate in my smash book a layout similar to the one I made him to offer her.


This is the coordinated envelope he used as a gift-wrap:






I haven’t blogged in ages, but I have found time to participate in a couple of challenges, make a few cards, even join in a swap, all on CSA.

Here’s what it all looks like:

A “Christmas before Christmas” swap with Mimi where I bundled up stamped sentiments, die-cuts and goodies and accompanied them with this little card:


then a Halloween-themed card for CSA:


followed by a dozen Christmas greeting cards, all made using a single sheet of patterned paper cut in such a way as tu use the entire sheet, then adding cardstock and embellies from my stash:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

then a couple of other cards for various challenges over the last few months on Cards & Stamps Addicts:



CSA à 6 ans

et oui, et comme tous les ans, l’équipe du forum prépare un tas de chouettes défis pour les membres.  Le thème cette année s’inspiré de l’émission “top chef” pour devenir “top card” avec les défis au thèmes gourmands.

J’ai donc sortie mon tablier et mes ingrédients, et j’ai fait des cartes.

Pour l’inscription une carte à contraintes : de la ficelles, 5 ronds de taille différentes, une touche de rouge, de feuillage et au moins un trou


Ensuite une carte faite selon une “recette” à suivre à la lettre (une dictée):


Nous avons suivi ça par un tour dans le garde manger, ou j’ai choisi de concocter mon plat avec un drôle de combinaison d’ingrédients : poivrons (du fil entortillé), olives (de la couture), pâtes (des demis-perles), mayonnaise (une carte masculine) et ketchup (de la dentelle):


Ensuite il fallait pas se faire piéger par le trompe l’œil!  Il fallait choisir “sucré” ou “salé” et faire un lift de cette carte soit en mode free soit en mode shabby :


J’ai loupé l’horaire pour m’inscrire, alors j’ai fait deux interprétations de la carte.

Voici ma version sucré (free):


et voici mon interprétation en mode salé (shabby) :


Pour compliquer les choses, les modos ont décidé de nous imposer des ingrédients pour le prochain défi : 2 papiers à utilisé, 1 en fond et l’autre en déco.  J’ai décidé de continuer en mode freestyle, mais ma carte n’as pas été accepté car trop peu de deuxième papier présent.  Je l’aime quand même :


Après l’ingrédient imposée, il y avait le défi de la recette imposé : un combo de couleurs fort sympathique, et un sketch d’enfer:

J’adore le combo, et le sketch, et même si les fleurs ne sont pas trop mon truc, j’ai fait l’effort de les utiliser.  Ma foi, le résultat me plait fort bien :


Parmis tous les diverses challenges, celui que j’ai trouvé le plus difficile était de loin le challenge “à l’aveugle”.  On nous a montré 10 cartes faite par les modos, 2 chacune, il fallait identifier qui a fait quoi, et faire un lift d’une des cartes.  Pas du tout facile quand le style des modos on bien évolués et qu’il y avait des pièges.  Résultat mitigé pour moi, je n’ai su identifier l’origine que de 5 cartes entre les dix.

J’ai chois de faire un lift d’une carte de Natalia :


Je remercie les modos pour leur imagination, je me suis bien amusée!


Lots of CSA goodness, and a few cards too!

I’m, once again, going to do a huge post to put up everything I’ve done since the last time I appeared here.  Given the time lapse it’s not much to brag about, but I had fun.

I’ll start with a little card I was only too delighted to have the opportunity to make.  A good scrap-buddy announced that she’s expecting her first baby for April, and I am so delighted for her and her partner.  When I found this classy silhouette file I knew it was perfect to offer her my congratulations:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Next I was late wishing a happy birthday to another scrap-pal, the one and only Mimi!  So when she challenged us to make our background using inks, markers or any other medium to create lots of stripes, it was the perfect opportunity to dust off my Promarkers.  I opted for a cameo of blues and turquoises, decided to get a little messy with Gesso and Tim Holtz rice paper, then finished it off with a Silhouette-cut flower.  I love the result:


Then, with back-to-school being on my mind, it was time to get organised.

A cheap 1€-agenda with a horrid cover became this for my daughter (such a shame I put the wrong date on it, it really is a 2015-2016 journal inside :

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Then the swap-of-the-month at CSA was right on track with the theme being “organisation”.  I made a selection of fancy paper clips, presented them in a matching box, a post-it & pen stand, and a matching card:






And received this lovely goodness in exchange:



Due to lack of time I didn’t get to make much for World Cardmaking Day, but I managed to interpret one sketch two ways (again a challenge for CSA).  Firstly a shabby interpretation (not a huge success, then again, shabby is not really my stayle):


Then the same sketch with a “clean” look :

IMG_0013 - Copy

Another CSA-challenge: to make a C&S card using the same cut-out shape several times on the card.  I missed the mark in regards to the C&S part, but I loved the lacey pattern of this Silhouette Cameo file, so went for it anyhow :

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Another CSA challenge : to reinsert a die-cut shape into its negative shape on the card, a rather tricky operation, especially with the fine die-cut I chose:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

And lastly, a deceptively simple C&S card :


Who knows when I’ll get the opportunity to check back in on my blog, so you all be good, scrap well and enjoy each day as it comes!

Happy weekend, folks 🙂

Fun fair at Cards & Stamps Addicts

What fun this summer over at Cards & Stamps Addicts.  The theme for their summer challenge is a real trip down memory lane with challenges galore all based on the rides and treats of a fun fair.

Even with very little spare time I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of feeling like a kid again, so I post-haste made myself an avatar which matched the theme:

and jumped in by requesting an entry ticket.  The price to pay for my entry?  A card with the word “fête” on it, and bright, cheerful colours, of course.  I came up with a rather classic card :

Classic or not, it was enough to gain me my entry ticket:

Then it was off to the first event : a spin of the Wheel of Fortune, where I was given a variety of obligatory elements to include on my card.  I can’t tell you what they were for now, as others may yet still play along.  However, the first card I made didn’t quite meet the criteria:


But I really like my little elephant stamp, so made another card with him, just for fun:


Then got back to work to make a “proper” card for my challenge.

This one made it past the judge’s beady eyes:



I think there were a few other challenges which I did not (yet) get to participate in (I’ll get back to them later, I hope), so my next card was for the “bunting” challenge.  What’s a fair without bunting and flags, eh?  Everyone’s take on it was different and there’s a gorgeous load of colourful cards to admire in the gallery.  This is what my one looked like:


After that I took a long break.  I was busy at home, busy at work …

Cardmaking was not high on my list of priorities.

However, today I had a little spare time, so back to the fair I went, and took a turn on the Ferris Wheel.

This involved making a card based on the following sketch :

Here’s my card:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

At one stage I didn’t think it was going to come together, but  have to admit that I’m really pleased with the result.  I even managed to use my MME enamel dots, some brads from my stash and TWO flowers (I almost never use flowers).  What an accomplishment, eh?

While on a roll, I stopped by the ice cream van at the fair and discovered that the challenge there was to make an icecream or icelolly-shaped card.  Right up my son’s street, he loves the ice cream stall.  This card is his favourite of the ones I made today, what a surprise!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

So now I shall finish with the card that made me take out my papers and glue today and play a little.

This is a lift of a gorgeous card I spotted on Mimi’s blog.  I loved the clean lines of her card and knew immediately that I was going to scraplift it.

Here’s my version using Teresa Collins papers, brads from Artemio and enamel dots from MME:

Wishing you a lovely Saturday evening and a happy weekend!

A mini album!

No you’re not dreaming, I actually made a whole mini album, and finished it!

OK, it’s not an original, it’s one I made at a workshop at the Fabrik à Scrap with Estelle56.  We made so much progress at the workshop that there was very little left to do to finish it off at home, mainly choosing photographs and stamps/sentiments to add to the pages.

A picture speaks a thousand words.  I’ll skip the typing and pass directly to the photographs:














5 years a-growin’

Yes, it’s been a whole 5 years since Cards and Stamps addicts appeared on our computer screens, five years that I have followed the life of the forum from near and far, without quite taking the plunge and participating actively on the forum.  Until now, that is, for last month the moderator team organized a fabulous birthday challenge, too tempting to resist.

It saw me teaming up with the lovely Josie, Darshiva, Pascale and Florette, for a whole month of challenges.  Five-times-five challenges to be exact, with each of our lovely moderators adding their own criteria to each challenge.  Huge thanks to Natalia, Créacam, Mimi, Irène and Karilou for all your behind-the-scenes work preparing everything, and for guiding us through the more challenging elements of the game.  You were models of patience with us poor scrappers, despite our incessant questions and diverse difficulties!!!

Our first task was coming up with a name for our team, but not any name at all, it had to be linked with the number 5 in some fashion.  After scratching of heads and mulling things over between us, my teammates and I finally decided to become “les Scrappeusement CINQlés” (scrappily mad, I think that just about sums us up nicely), and decorated ourselves with a colourful, summery avatar:


Proudly bedecked in our lovely team banner, we eagerly awaited the 5th of the month to discover our first challenge, then set-to with a will as soon as it appeared.  The challenge consisted of mixing two sketches to make one card, using a minimum of five elements between the two sketches.  I was to tackle the two sketches Mimi had concocted for us, and this is the card I came up with:


However, being a glutton for punishment I did not stop there, oh no!  I went on to complete another of the challenges, my personal favourite of the whole competition.  This is the lovely mixed-media card that I put together in a flash, using Irène’s two sketches, they totally inspired me!


The second challenge was much more difficult for me, a colour combination.  I had a gorgeous selection of pastel tones to use, chosen by karilou: light and dark grey, blush pink, baby blue, turquoise, green …  I used them to make a romantic little card:


The third challenge was in many ways the easiest, but not quite as easy as it first appeared.  A simple cardlift was all that was required … however we had to respect rigorously the style of the original card and the techniques used.  No cheating with ready-made solutions for a mixed-media background, for example.  I had the fun of working from Natalia’s proposition, and got it wrong the first two attempts.  I used a patterned paper for the background first, but had to redo it with an inked one.  However, there wasn’t much difference in the final outcome:

IMG_0107 IMG_0108 IMG_0109

I really liked the colour-scheme of both these cards, and was pleased with the result, however they didn’t meet the criteria of the challenge, so I started over and made a similar-but-different version:


As I love cardlifts I then had fun lifting the other moderator’s choices.  I couldn’t resiste lifting Créacam’s card as I had just come back from my friend Sophiedenc’s, where she had kindly let me borrow some of her dies.  I was itching to use the floral die cut of hers, which was perfect for this challenge.


Then I used another of her dies to cut some gorgeous butterflies, which were perfect for lifting the card proposed by Irène:


And I used the same butterfly on my lift of Karilou’s card:


The competition was not finished yet!  For our fourth challenge each of the moderators concocted a list of five elements which we needed to include on our card.  This time around I had to work with Créacam’s challenge, not an easy task for me as Créacam is a big fan of shabby and vintage, a style which I admire but rarely use.  I didn’t want to take the “easy” route by using lots of pink, beige and flowers, so I spent quite a while choosing my papers.  I ended up using a collection by Authentique, red, blue, white … not the usual vintage-y colours, but by inking them carefully the card came together quite well.

The five elements I had to include were: 5 flowers, layering, a swirl, a five-word sentiment and some medical gauze.  In the end it was the five-word sentiment which gave me the most difficulty, and once again my friend Sophiedenc’s die cut came to the rescue for my swirl:

Challenge Créacam

Still with me?  Only one more challenge to go … the most difficult of all, in my opinion, and indeed the one where my resulting card didn’t really appeal much to me.  This time we needed to use a picture chosen by one of the moderators as inspiration and reproduce at least five elements of the picture in our card.

The inspiration for my card was the following image, chosen by Irène:

I had lots of choice for elements to use, and went for the following list:

A nautical spirit, small splashes of yellow colour, the sentiment on a panel like the sign in the photo, a film strip to represent the ladder, an imitation wood background, two different sized hearts for the two different sized baskets, some twine for the lamp cord and a colour sheme which corresponds to that of the picture: grey, white, petrol-blue, small touches of yellow.

Here’s my card:

Santana 2 bis

After all that scrappy-fun I packed away  papers and glue and headed off to Dublin for a few days to recover.  Now that I’m back my fingers are itching to get started on this months projects!

A bundle of cards

Oh dear, it’s been over a month since I posted anything here, but that’s probably because it’s been over a month since I made anything at all to show you!  However, I did manage to play along with several of the challenges on Cards’n’Stamps last week, so here’s a recap of the cards I made:

First up, two versions of a card proposed by Irène in her “cardlift chrono” challenge :

IMG_0009 IMG_0013

Then a card which meets the criteria for two challenges, firstly to hand draw roses on our card (another of Irène’s challenges), secondly to cardlift one of Yoonsoon Hur’s card, as proposed by Sagradalicia :

IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0016

Mimi challenged us to use wood on our card, any way we wished.

it was the perfect excuse to use my cute little boy & girl chipboards:


Créacam gave us a great tutorial to make a carte in volume, perfect for my forthcoming niece’s birthdays:

IMG_0004 IMG_0005

and finally, Natalia challenged us to use her sketch to make a freestyle card:


All in all, it was quite a productive end to my week!

Hands up …

… I’m a copycat, plain and simple!

I loved Mimi’s fabulous card, so literally copied it exactly from her original:


** edit: oh phooey, will have to change my Dymo strip, I *hate* spelling mistakes, and that one is a right blooper.  Shame on me!

And while I was at it, I took a shine to Charlotte’s card also, and did the same:


OK, it’s early in the year to be thinking of Christmas, but I guess I can afford to give myself a head start as I know I’ll be in a rush when the holiday season does come around 😀