Tote/Garden Bag – stampin’up tutorial


Just before the summer holidays I met up with some of my scrap-buddies for an end-of-year-evening.  We decided a couple of days before the event that each of us would make a little scrap-present.  The gifts were all put in the middle of the table and given at random to each other.

With only a couple of days to come up with an idea and to make the object I frantically started rummaging around on the internet for an idea.  When I stumbled across a tutorial by Lynn Pratt to make a cute little tote all from cardstock I didn’t hesitate!  In two shakes of a ducks tail that tutorial was in my virtual basket and I hurried over to PayPal to pay for it.  No sooner had I read the instructions than I set to making the little thing.

And after a couple of hours work this is how it turned out:


Now, even though it’s “only” made of cardstock and some lovely Stampin’up ribbon, it’s actually solid enough.  Those cute little pockets can handle pens, scissors, glue and other odds’n’ends that are forever cluttering up desk space and getting lost amongst my things:



And because I often make cards in a 10 x 15 cm format, I deliberately adjusted the mesurements so that I could use this tote to store all the cards I have made in advance before sending them out to various friends:



Cute, huh?



6 thoughts on “Tote/Garden Bag – stampin’up tutorial

  1. Coucou ma Antoinette, vraiment trop joli ton fourre tout. Le mien je l’admire tous les jours quand je rentre dans mon bureau, trop beau.


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