Quirky snooze

When my youngest was a very small child he kept us busy all his waking hours, he was full of energy and curiosity and I was permanently exhausted just trying to keep up with him!  Thankfully for the whole family, he also was a great sleeper – 12 hours solid at night and a 4-hour nap in the afternoon.

He still needed more, sometimes, like when he tired himself out playing at a friend’s house, and we found him sprawled on the steps of the stairs, fast asleep! Or the time when I was chatting to the jeweler to choose a gift for my Mam and when I turned back to him there he was stretched out on the floor of the store, snoring away!  It was impossible to waken him at that!  I carried him from the store in the city centre and searched desperately for somewhere to sit with him until he woke up.  That somewhere ended up being the nearest church, where I sat with him in my lap for several hours before he woke!

The signs were there from early!  This layout shows him when he was about 4 months old.  One minute he was happily doing push-ups on his playmat on the sitting room floor, the next he had crashed out!  It was obviously a sign of things to come, and therefore deserved a little layout all of its own!



4 thoughts on “Quirky snooze

  1. Hihi il été assez impressionnant quand même, ce p’ti mec, qui a bien grandi depuis. Maintenant j’ai le problème à l’inverse: il ne veux plus aller au lit et veille tard chaque soir avec un bouquin…


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