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So I’ve been missing for a while.  What can I say, the daily grind keeps me busy.  I did manage to have a go at some crochet, with a purpose which is close to my heart.

I came across an article looking for knitters or crocheters to make wee octopus-pals for babies in intensive care.  The tentacles on these cuddlies remind the baby of the umbilical cord and give them something to hold onto rather than pulling on the various tubes and wires which are helping them heal.

I am not a crochet-person, but loved both the idea and the model, so I tried …


But frankly, it was not a resounding success, a little holey here and there, very uneven stitches and tentacles that were more than a little wobbly.

So I practised a bit more, changed to a different yarn, and improved a little …




And, pleased with my success, I made a pink version too:


What a great sense of achievement to finally master the technique, and to a reasonable standard too, as obviously for safety reasons these guys have to meet certain criteria so as not to pose a risk to the babies.

I have also made kept dabbling in papercrafting and fell for a cute paper-pieced unicorn die, perfect for keeping my young nieces happy…  Isnt’t it just adorable?

53928446_2808572575834555_5012395111250657280_n 54258203_2808572345834578_8860795862708649984_n

With matching birthday card, of course:


And couldn’t forget my lovely mother, especially when I had a new die-set to try out:


I’m sure there’s plenty more that I haven’t shown, but as I have no photos of the makes, you’ll just have to take my word for it that I’ve not been idle.

Happy weekend everyone.